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The Midwest Regionís Guidelines for its Governors
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Part One
What exactly is the Role of the Club Governor in regards to NCCC

An excerpt from the NCCC By-Laws (November 2016)
On page 6
Board of Governors

SECTION 1. Selection.

The individual members of each recognized club shall elect/appoint one individual member to serve on the Board of Governors of the Corporation. The governor must be a member of the Corporation through the club they represent. A governor shall serve a term of one year; and their term of office shall commence on the first day of January, following their election. A governor may serve more than one term in office. Each governor shall have one vote at all meetings of the Board of Governors.

In other words......Each NCCC Club is represented by an NCCC Member of that Club that is elected by the Members each year to serve for one year (January 1 thru December 31). Although the term of the Club Governor is for only one year, a Governor can be elected each year. The Governor holds the vote for that Club in all NCCC matters requiring the Clubís vote. Some of the votes that are regularly required are:
By Electronic Vote via the NCCC Membership Database usually October each year
~ Election of National Officers
~ Acceptance or rejection of the location for the National Convention to be held 2 years from year of vote
~ Acceptance or rejection of Proposed Changes to the NCCC By-Laws

SECTION 2. General Powers.
The business and affairs of the Corporation shall be managed by its Board of Governors.
In other words......Each Club Governor represents their Club on the NCCC Board of Governors. Even though there are many individuals holding Elected and Appointed offices, the Club Governors have the only voting rights.

SECTION 3. Duties of Board of Governors.
The Board of Governors may:
A. Hold meetings at such times and places as it thinks proper;
In other words......Governorsí Meetings are held 4 times a year because the Board of Governors has established this schedule. Governorsí Meetings are currently being held in St. Louis, MO because the Board of Governors has voted for this location and re-vote every 3 years to establish where future Meetings will be held. For more on Meetings go to Article VIII on pages 12 & 13 of the NCCC By-Laws

B. Suspend or expel members;
For more on this topic go to Article III Section 7 on page 3 of the NCCC By-Laws

C. Print and circulate documents and public articles;

D. Contract agents; and

E. Devise and carry into execution such other measures as it deems proper and expedient to promote the objectives of the Corporation and to best protect the interest and welfare of the members.
In other words......Whenever situations or suggestions are brought forth that would make changes and therefore require a vote, the Board of Governors is the voting body. Governors are either made aware in advance of the proposal(s) and upcoming vote or receive notice at a Governorsí Meeting before the vote. Votes are either cast electronically or by actual voting at the Governorsí Meeting.

An excerpt from the NCCC By-Laws (November 2016)
On pages 7 and 8
SECTION 1. Regional Officers.

C. Duties.
1) Regional Executive.
The Regional Executive duties shall include:
a. Call and preside at a minimum of one meeting per calendar quarter for the purpose of conducting Regional business.
b. Cast votes and present motions at any meeting of the National Board of Governors on behalf of any governor from the represented Region who is not present; provided the RE has a NCCC Proxy form, signed by the absent governor with an original or electronic facsimile signatures. The proxy forms shall be presented to the Secretary for validation prior to the opening of the meeting. Upon approval of the Board of Governors, the proxy forms may be forwarded to the Secretary for recording attendance, not to exceed seven days following the meeting, as determined by the date sent.
This is where the Proxy Form becomes a very important document for the RE to have.Those Governors present at the Governorsí Meeting cast their yea, nay or abstention vote by show of hand. The RE casts a Proxy Vote for those Club Governors of their Region that were not able to attend that Meeting. There are some votes that are only Warm Body votes so Proxies would not be used for those votes. A Governor may appoint a Proxy Governor to attend meetings for the Club as long as that Proxy is a Member of the Governorís Club. If not, the RE must have an NCCC Proxy Form for a Club not in attendance. This allows the RE to represent a Club and also ensures that the Club remains a Member Club in good standing. This also ensures that the Clubís Members are eligible for all NCCC benefits. All Governors need to complete one copy of the NCCC Proxy Form and send to the RE either electronically or using traditional mail by the 1st of February each year. The RE will make needed copies for the Governors meetings. The RE uses a Clubís Proxy only if the Governor or a Proxy Governor is not in attendance.
red star NCCC Governors Meeting Proxy Form
red star NCCC Governors Meeting Proxy Form Instructions

Worth Noting Here.....On Friday evening of each Governorsí Meeting weekend, our MWR-RE attends the Executive Committee Meeting, our MWR-RCD attends the Competition Committee Meeting and the MWR-RMD attends the Membership Committee Meeting. Each of these Officers reports at our Saturday morning MWR Governors Meeting any proposals requiring a vote of the Board of Governors that may be coming to the floor at the afternoon NCCC Governorsí Meeting. As a Group, the MWR Governors in attendance discuss the proposal(s) and make suggestions to the MWR-RE how the group would like the RE to cast the Proxy Votes in the best interest of the MWR Members. A vote is then taken and the RE would cast the Proxies as all yeas all nays or split. IF A GOVERNOR is aware any proposal ahead of the upcoming vote and will not be present at the NCCC Governorsí Meeting and will not be sending a Proxy Governor from that Club, that Governor may direct the RE to vote the way that Club wishes to vote.

SECTION 4. Removal of Governors.
The Board of Governors by a two-thirds vote, with just cause. May remove one or more governors at any meeting called for that purpose.

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